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About Us

Welcome to LITTLEOWH!

Wonderful land for Otaku to define anime style and show loves to the outside world!

We’re glad and grateful you are here. You must have a huge love for Anime and Manga and so are we! :)

We are creative & selling anime products for anime lovers. The website is one of our stores, operated under CORN ., Ltd. We are proud that all of our products are unique and designed by LittleOwh's creative, industrious, enthusiastic, real Otaku Designers, Artists. Every single product is a result of hours of hard work. Our mission is to build an anime shopping place where you can find anything you are looking to define your style with exclusive ideas. We have a wide range of product types such as anime shoes, anime apparel, accessories & gifts for men, women & kids.

With our strength of creativity & deep insights about anime from our Artist team, we want to create the latest & most beautiful designs which you can not find anywhere. We hope you become not only your favorite anime characters but also anime fashion trend creators. Hopefully, our custom items will help build up your personality and make you your true self.

So just simply remember about us that:

We are A one-stop & latest anime fashion & gifts brand.
Our values: creative & deep anime insights.

Our commitment: unique designs & high-quality products.

Our missions: Your satisfaction & our pride at work.

We know that we are not perfect but we always keep our anime passionates and non-stop motivation spirit. We hope you will share with us your thoughts in order so we can improve our work & services day by day. Feel free to contact us any time at, we are always here to listen to you.

Here is our office address: 

Return Address: 1752 NW Market St #4649 Seattle WA 98107, United States
Head Office: 92A Tran Quoc Toan, Ward 8, District 3, HCMC, Vietnam

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Love you, guys