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Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

A potential bigger foe was revealed, and a Grand Finale was set up for the next season to wrap off the Great Raitai Tournament Saga. The overwhelming strength of many characters was shown, while many characters proved to be more bark than bite. The power rankings have shifted considerably as a result of the tournament. Therefore it's time to create a new list of the top 10 strongest characters in Baki Series.

1. Yujiro Hanma

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

The Baki series' strongest character is Yujiro Hanma, who is believed to be as powerful as an entire army. During the Vietnam War, Yuichiro Hanma and his father were able to beat American soldiers when he was 16 years old.

He's a brilliant fighter who's mastered every kind of unarmed conflict there is. He has a wide range of combat methods in his toolkit, from the most mainstream to the obscure.

Yujiro's blows are compared to the force of a nuclear explosion. The fact that he has lasted so long is another sign of his power. Yujiro can take a direct strike from anyone on the planet without even blinking an eye.

When he moves, it appears as though he is teleporting at warp-like rates that are imperceptible to human sight. When it comes to sheer speed, he can easily out-maneuver anybody else in the show.

Yujiro's power is constantly increasing as he overcomes more and more opponents every day.

2. Baki Hanma

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Baki has matured during the course of the series from a cocky youngster who felt he was better than everyone to a mature young man who wants nothing more than to be a bit stronger than his father, if not the strongest in the world.

Baki has improved greatly since his days as the tournament winner, and he can now take on two of the escaped death row convicts at once, one of them being Kusanagi, who uses his poison hand to harm Baki. While being poisoned, Baki managed to battle his way out of it by using his wits. It took Baki less than two minutes to defeat Muhammad Ali Jr. and the rest of the Japan/America team in the Great Raitai Tournament.

Despite the fact that Baki's adventure has only just begun, he already possesses the strength to secure his position as the game's number two character. It won't be long until he becomes the series' most dominant character.

3. Kaioh Kaku

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Despite his age, Kaioh Kaku is one of the Baki series' most formidable characters despite his imposing stature. Like the other characters on this list, Kaioh Kaku was once a massive monster. His 90th birthday was the turning point when he recognized that the only way to achieve great strength was via mastery of the martial arts.

Yujiro Hanma's eyes widen in terror at the sight of him, despite his late age. When Kaioh Kaku uses Saori, he turns rubbery and has the power to rip a huge hole in a concrete wall with a single blow.

4. Kaioh Retsu

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

With the way Retsu behaves like the Piccolo to Baki's Goku, he makes for an intriguing character in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. He has a mostly supporting role in the narrative, so it's easy to overlook how strong he really is.

Being one of the select people to bear the title of Kaioh means a lot of hard work. Even with a dislocated elbow, Retsu is the only member of the Chinese team to emerge victorious from the Great Raitai competition after allowing himself to fall into all of his opponent's traps and then conquering each one.

Retsu, on the other hand, isn't afraid to get his hands filthy, as he demonstrated during his bar brawl with Doyle. He treats Doyle with knives, fire, and a sword, similar to how the death row prisoner had handled many others. Restu degraded Doyle to such an extent that he ran all the way to the source of the Shinshinkai Karate to save his life while carrying him on his back.

5. Doppo Orochi

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Karate Shinshinkai 10th Dan Grandmaster Doppo Orochi is married to Natsue Orochi and the adoptive father of Katsumi Orochi, who was born to him and his wife. His students include Kiyosumi Katou and Atsushi Suedo, both of whom regard him as their Sensei.

Man-Eater Orochi and Tiger Slayer are just a few of the many nicknames he's earned over the years. He was the winner of Mitsunari Tokugawa's underground tournament in the past.

Orochi is one of the few people capable of taking on the legendary Yujiro Hanma head-on, never backing down in the face of the legendary warrior. That defeat only served to show how tough Fight Orochi was.

Orochi's willpower is one of his many assets outside of his physical strength. Although he'd lost a hand, he was still ready to fight until the bitter end. While he was still hypnotized, his consciousness was so strong that he was able to fight Dorian.

6. Jack Hanma

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

It's fascinating to see what happens to Jack Hanma since he is not only Baki's brother but also the son of the ogre, Yujiro Hanma, from the series. At 8 feet and 450 pounds, Jack will be the series' heaviest character following his bone lengthening operation in the upcoming 2018 season. It's scary enough that he's practically all muscle, thanks to the steroids he's used to packing on the mass to his already thin and fragile body.

As a result of his expertise in subterranean combat pits, Jack is more than simply a juice monkey. Although he lists Pit Combat as his primary fighting technique, he obviously had some prior training in the martial arts.

If Jack's steroids hadn't given out in the finals of the Maximum competition, he could have gone toe-to-toe with Baki and won.

7. Biscuit Oliva

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Oliva is an interesting character in the series, and he's so powerful that the US government is forced to accommodate his every whim despite his legal imprisonment. His jail is nothing more than a gated home where he has 24-hour guards watching over him, and gourmet food is delivered to him anytime he wants it.

This is due to the fact that the US government employs him as a bounty hunter, chasing after criminals who regular law enforcement cannot deal with. While totally nude, we witness his strength by his ability to laugh it off and declare that it won't work.

Oliva's muscles are very thick and powerful, so she can take a lot of punishment. In the Great Raitai Tournament, we saw Oliva challenged when it took him some time to figure out his opponent's Hand Pocket fighting technique.

Aside from the fact that he attempted to imitate the hand pocket technique of his opponent, he was able to outsmart him with his sheer physical might. As one of the Baki's most powerful fighters, Oliver has to be one of the strongest in the franchise, if not the best.

8. Hanayama

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Tanks would be his sole choice if he were playing League of Legends. In all seriousness, this guy is tough as nails. He broke into the base of a rival gang only to have scars applied to his new tattoo and then proceeded to wreak havoc.

As far as we know, Hanayama only fought once throughout the 2018 anime, and that was against Spec. For five minutes straight, Hanayama remained there and absorbed Spec's blows while maintaining his posture. After the free-for-all battle minutes were over, Hanayama went on to destroy everything Spec had worked so hard for.

Even though Hanayama was badly beaten by Spec, he managed to drag him into a police station where Spec shot him, forcing the ammo to burst in his mouth and inflicting him with a flashbang blast. Finally, Hanayama uses his crushing grip power to free himself from Spec's Rear Naked Choke, which is normally unbreakable at that point.

When you go up against Hanayama, you're going up against a Yakuza boss that doesn't feel pain, is enormous. Therefore and has enough of a grasp to rip a piece off a deck of cards. That's cool, have a good time with it.

9. Muhammad Ali Jr

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

In spite of his surname, Muhammad Ali Jr. is the son of Muhammad Ali, widely regarded as the best boxer in the sport's history. According to reports, Muhammad Ali Jr. has mastered all of his father's skills, even if he didn't receive them from him.

A well-trained son may outperform an out-of-condition father in all three categories. He has also refined his father Muhammad Ali Kempo's fighting technique to make it the well-rounded and ideal style that his father aspired to but never achieved.

During the Great Raitai Tournament, Ali Jr. easily defeated Kaioh, one of the world's best martial artists, by shooting his opponent, who was so quick he could split an apple in two mid-air.

While still a teenager, Ali Jr. is claimed to have knocked his father to the ground in a sparring match, the first person to accomplish so. He still falls short in comparison to the other characters on this list, therefore we can only award him a rating of 7 for being the strongest character in Baki Series.

10. Dorian

Top 10 Strongest Characters In Baki Series

Dorian is one of the five death row prisoners who wanted to know what it felt like to lose. Dorian also has the distinction of being the first westerner to reach the rank of Kaioh in Chinese Kempo, making him a rare breed indeed.

Dorian isn't afraid to get his hands filthy, even if it means using a razor-thin wire with a pointy end. He also has very thick skin, making it difficult to hurt him. Moreover, he has the capability of destroying a fighter's most potent weapon: his mind. He uses hypnosis to fool his opponents into believing they've won. This leaves him wide exposure to his assaults on everybody he meets unless they have the mental strength to see right through him. It’s what Tsukiyomi reimagined in his persona.

All of this, as well as his remarkable height and desire to die, have earned him a place within our list of the ten strongest Baki Characters.

Hopefully, Littleowh's selection of the top ten strongest characters in Baki series has piqued your curiosity.

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