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We would like to announce a SHIPPING DELIVERY DELAYS from 2022 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic (Omicron, Deltacron, and Stealth Omicron). Currently, the disease is breaking out again in Vietnam(our facilities) and all Asian countries, many countries have been restricting cross-border travel and reducing air freight routes to the US, EU, AU, and other regions.
Packages may take an additional 10 days to arrive in your destination states due to the limited amount of air routes at this time. At the same time, the packages are being blocked at the airport and there are many packages that have not been handled and are still at the airport before reaching the US, Europe, Canada, Australia, and many other countries. 
Not only that, due to the epidemic, when the packages arrive, it may take longer to scan the code and ship. So we hope you understand and wait patiently.
Remember to check your order email for the checking code so you can receive email notification of the tracking code sent to your email. A tracking code is a piece of code provided by a carrier that provides real-time notification of the shipping of an order. For example the image below.

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