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How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

The Air Jordan 1 is one of the most popular sports shoes in 2020. Littleowh will show you how to properly clean Jordan 1 sneakers and protect them from living stains in this post. Waiting to attack from the outside, assisting the shoes to remain as lovely as new and extend their life. If you don't know how to clean Jordan shoes quickly and effectively, don't miss the information in the following article!

I. How to clean Jordan 1 shoes properly

When cleaning something, we need to learn about the characteristics and materials of each product line so that we may select the best cleaning solution. Suede and smooth leather are two typical materials utilized for Jordan 1 shoes.

So, when you return to give birth, you should have the following cleaning supplies: 1 clean towel, one soft brush (toothbrushes can be used), and an appropriate cleaning solution (you can also use shampoo, but don't use washing powder because it is a powerful detergent). Then follow the instructions outlined below.

1. Clean the surface of the Air Jordan 1 using a dry cloth

The first step is to clean the area around your Air Jordan 1 shoes. Then, using a dry soft towel, gently wipe the dirt from the shoes. In addition, you should remove the cord and pad for separate cleaning.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

2. Clean the upper portion of the shoe

Next, in a small basin or cup, combine warm water and the shoe cleaning solution you purchased (maybe Crep Protect or Jason Mark), and soak the shoelaces for 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, you clean the upper surface of the Air Jordan 1 with a specialized brush immersed in the combined solution. To ensure the amount of foam on the shoe surface, continue to dip the brush into the diluted shoe cleaning solution. For really filthy places, you can scrape directly with the cleaning solution.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

3. Clean the midsole and outsole

Using a brush and cleaning solution, clean the sole of the Jordan 1 shoe as you would the upper. However, another expert approach to rapidly remove midsole stains: grab a magic sponge, dab some water on it, apply some cleaning solution, and begin. In the midsole, there is a light scrub head.

The magic sponge will softly remove dirt and stains, but put on your brush and scrub it if you need a deeper clean.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

4. Clean the laces and dry the Jordan 1 shoes

After you have washed all of the stains on the shoes and ensured that the cleaning solution is no longer on the shoe body, wipe off any remaining water with a clean, soft cloth. It is important to note that you should wipe the shoes dry to minimize water seeping back into the shoe material, especially if they are suede.

Remove all foam and unclean water from shoelaces, scrub well with a soft-bristled brush and rinse with water.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

5. Air Jordan shoes should be dried and stored

After washing the shoes and shoelaces, place them in a ventilated area away from direct sunshine to dry. After cleaning, use white paper to wrap the shoes to suck deep or light stains out of the shoes, especially for white shoes and mesh textiles.

You can put fabric or newspaper inside the shoe; however, it must be replaced if the fabric/paper gets wet. Your Jordan 1 shoes will retain their original shape with the paper inside.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

II. Some cleaning tips for Jordan shoes, which are always attractive

Cleaning isn't enough; you should also keep some of the following points in mind to help preserve your Jordan 1 shoes in good condition.

1. Make use of specialist products

You should use specific shoe protection treatments, such as nano spray to safeguard your shoes. The nanospray not only repels water but also forms a breathable protective layer that swiftly removes dirt.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

2. Thoroughly clean Jordan 1 sneakers regularly

Cleaning your Jordan 1 shoes on a regular basis is the best way to maintain them clean and lovely. It also protects the user's health. When the shoes become dirty, it is critical to clean them as soon as possible. If the stains are left on the shoes for too long, they will be difficult to remove and will damage the shoe material.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

3. Thoroughly clean shoelaces

Shoelaces are a crucial aspect of a shoe, but many people ignore, overlook, or clean them. Cleaning shoelaces will help remove stains from eyelets, shoe tongues, and shoelaces. One approach to keep your shoes looking new is to clean or replace spare shoelaces.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

4. Keep your shoes neatly organized

If you are a shoe enthusiast and have a large collection of sports shoes, you must arrange them carefully. When shoes overlap, the leather becomes wrinkled, unclean, and loses its shape. Furthermore, this discreetly produces an excellent habitat for the growth of fungus and molds.

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

5. Keep shoes in a dry area

You do not have to dry your shoes in the sun because this will just make them discolored, wrinkled, and out of shape. Not to mention that some of you use a shoe drier, which causes the shoe fabric to wrinkle and discolor. You simply need to choose a cool, dry location away from direct sunshine to allow the shoes to dry naturally, which will help your shoes last longer!

How To Clean Jordan 1 Shoes Without Ruining Them

The steps outlined above are those that Littleowh recommends for properly cleaning and maintaining your Jordan 1 shoes. I hope the information above is beneficial to you!

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