The JoJo series is known for its weirdest character names, but these five may be the worst of the bunch. At the very least, there is some logic about them.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is well-known for its willingness to veer off into the bizarre. Jojo strives to be as wild as its designer can make it, from the bizarre Stand abilities to the shifting hues during fierce battles. As if to prove the point, the names given to the characters are chosen at random as well. In JoJo, however, every character's and Stand's name is given for a purpose.

The majority of them refer to music in some way, whether it's songs, bands, or album names. Even if the names don't seem to make sense at first, a closer look reveals that they weren't made in a hurry. One can go on and on about JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters’ weirdest names.

1. Coco Jumbo

Mr. President's song, Coco Jumbo, inspired the turtle's name: Coco Jumbo is a turtle with the Stand power to draw anyone into a room inside his shell by inserting a specific key into a depression on the shell. Coco Jumbo got his name from the German band, Mr. President. Mr. President is the name of the band's hit song, thus it's only fitting that the turtle is named after their hit song.

This is interesting because in the Golden Wind storyline Coco Jumbo and his Stand were never named. The Stand of Coco Jumbo was tentatively named "T-Rex" before the debut of JOJO A-GO!GO!, an art book dedicated to author Hirohiki Araki talking about things JoJo.

The JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters’ 5 Weirdest Names Have Been Clarified

2. Mannish Boy

Mannish Boy, one of the antagonists in the Stardust Crusaders arc, is probably the worst name you could give your newborn child. He's a young child with the ability to enter and control people's nightmares thanks to the Stand Death 13. And no, Mannish Boy isn't a moniker; it's the name his parents gave him when he was born.

Mannish Boy takes its name from a song by McKinley Morganfield, better known as Muddy Waters, an American blues performer. Because of this, Mannish Boy's name possibly refers to his ability to think and act like an adult, despite his young age. When people's backs are turned or he's using his Stand talents, Mannish Boy reveals his true colors as a vicious and nasty individual who can plan ahead. He acts like a typical baby to try and avoid suspicion.

The JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters’ 5 Weirdest Names Have Been Clarified

3. Vinegar Doppio

When Diavolo's boss Vinegar Doppio appears, it's him in a more subdued form. 'Doppio,' which translates to 'dual,' suggests that Diavolo has a secret identity that he uses to mask his true identity. Doppio may be viewed as Diavolo's "body double," in a manner of speaking.

Doppio and Diavolo also share a body, despite the fact that they are considered separate individuals with distinct souls. Due to their shared bodies, Diavolo and Doppio are confirmed to be two unique people who just happen to share the same body in the final arc of Golden Wind when the primary cast swaps bodies. Doppio is the epitome of the word "double."

The JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters’ 5 Weirdest Names Have Been Clarified

4. Nukesaku

When Nukesaku first appears, just before the last encounter with DIO, he is a vampire servant of DIO with a feminine face on the back of his head. When people see him with this mask, they will believe he's a helpless maiden trapped in the vampire's manor, which will lead them to approach him closer so that he may suffocate them. The Stardust Crusaders, on the other hand, can see right through his masquerade almost immediately due to his blindness when presenting his feminine face to others.

Interestingly, Nukesaku's name translates as "idiot" in Japanese. One who believes his plan is infallible yet fails even the most basic spot checks before carrying it out is given the term "Vampire."

It's unclear how or why Nukesaku ended up with a completely functional female-presenting face on the back of his skull because his second face is never described as a Standability, nor has there ever been another vampire in JoJo that owns two faces.

The JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters’ 5 Weirdest Names Have Been Clarified

5. Esidisi

The name Esidisi is a tribute to the Australian rock band AC/DC, even if the spelling may be modified to avoid copyright issues. A-Pillar Man uses the same naming convention as the others. As a result, each of the Pillar Men has a band name derived from a different locale.

Maybe rock and roll were huge back when the Pillar Men were around? It's possible they chose their names as a playful complement to what kept them alive all this time after being imprisoned in stone — or rock. Or maybe the bands were inspired by legends about the Pillar Men and took their names from them.

The JoJo Bizarre Adventure Characters’ 5 Weirdest Names Have Been Clarified

Littleowh has just synthesized the meanings of the five weirdest names in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. I hope the information above helps you enjoy reading!