Venom was a beloved Marvel character and a formidable foe for Spider-Man. In Venom and Venom: Let There Be Carnage, he had an astounding array of abilities, displaying great persistence, strength, and perseverance during his efforts to protect those he cared about.  We've seen how Venom does versus his MCU peers; what about My Hero Academia's heroes and villains?

I. MHA Characters That Venom Could Defeat

The following are the five  MHA characters that we think Venom could defeat.

1. Hawks

It's reasonable to assume that Hawks will do well against Venom, given his status as the No. 2 hero. Because he can fly, he can go quickly and easily, and his feathers are razor sharp.

Despite this, Venom's extended tentacles would allow him to rip the hero from the skies. The fact that Carnage was able to hang automobiles with a tiny strand of his flesh after impaling Hawks several times suggests that Hawks' feathers would have no effect on him.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

2. Kirishima

Due to his hardness, Kirishima will be able to fight Venom for far longer than his peers. Having the ability to endure Rappa's fists and breakthrough a hail of steel blades on his body had made him tougher and more resilient.

In contrast, the strength of the hero is mostly disappointing. In an arm wrestling, he came up just short against Tetsutetsu, who could only manage to overturn a little water tower with all of his might. This meant that Venom could take his blows and hold off on devouring him until his hardness had worn off.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

3. Fat Gum

Fat Gum might theoretically beat Venom if subjected to significant physical torment. Although Rappa was protected by the barrier, the hero's offensive power might be underestimated given his dominance over him in one blow.

Fat Gum's fat, on the other hand, only protects him against blunt-force trauma. The fact that Venom can transform his hands into razor-sharp claws (or just tear the hero's head off with a single scary bite) ensures that he will win the fight handily.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

4. Moonfish

Due to Moonfish's special ability, his mouth was constantly splattered with a flurry of razor-sharp teeth. Considering how effortlessly they tore through tree branches, they could likely do the same to humans.

Even though Riot repeatedly pierced Venom, the villain managed to withstand hundreds of gunfire. With this knowledge in mind, as he charged at the bad guy, he had no problem pushing through the villain's steel and severing his neck.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

5. Gentle

It was possible for Gentle Criminal to bend the landscape to his favor because of his Quirk. To his credit, he was able to rubberize things so well that he eluded Deku for a period of time and stunned him with his air missiles.

In order to compete fairly, he needs La Brava's augmentation, which she doesn't have access to. As well as this, Venom has the speed and agility to climb even the tallest structures in a matter of seconds. Because of this, he is capable of taking on Gentle Criminal from the air and devouring his flesh just as quickly.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

II. MHA Characters That Venom Couldn’t Defeat

The following are the five  MHA characters that we believe Venom couldn't defeat.

1. Present Mic

Present Mic let forth a high-pitched sonic scream of his Quirk. Even though he couldn't see her, Jiro's ears were bleeding from the sound of it, and he was hundreds of yards away.

Because the symbiote is sensitive to sound, it would be forced to leave its host quickly. Eddie Brock might be easily subdued by Mic's second scream, leaving him without a host and ending the conflict to his advantage. In a city, the hero's range would be especially valuable since he could target Venom while being relatively unscathed.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

2. Endeavour

For good cause, Endeavor is currently the most popular hero in the series. His "Hell Spider" technique has the power to burn down a building in a couple of seconds and destroy a nomu down to the atomic level.

Although Endeavor had been repeatedly impaled by High-End, she had a keen sense of danger and had a plan to avoid it. As a result, he could take advantage of Venom's sensitivity to fire to overwhelm him and force the symbiote from Eddie Brock's body. Even if the hero tries to protect Venom's host from Endeavor's attacks, he may not make it out of the fight alive.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

3. Gang Orca

Gang Orca, Japan's twelfth-strongest hero, served as the Hero Licensing Exam's intimidating proctor. As evidenced by his performance versus Bakugo and Todoroki, he may have reflexes on par with Venom.

Gang Orca's supersonic emissions would give him the edge he needs even if he's still outmatched physically. It would weaken Eddie Brock to the point of helplessness by separating him from his alien companion.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

4. Todoroki

Despite the fact that it does not use any of Venom's known vulnerabilities, Todoroki's ice has the ability to petrify him for a brief period of time. This was demonstrated on numerous occasions, like when he froze half of the Sports Festival Stadium in Bakugo's face and when he trained to save Mirio.

Todoroki could use Venom's biggest weakness against him if he subdued him briefly with a flame assault. Despite his limited durability, mobility, and reliance on his Quirk, his elemental mix would provide a path to win.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

5. Bakugo

Using his "Explosion" Quirk, Bakugo was able to fly like a bird by soaring forwards. To attack him would be impossible for Venom, as going too close would put him at risk of an onslaught.

All Might managed to crush Bakugo into the ground with such force that it left an indent in the ground, even though Venom was able to successfully land a strike on him. After all, since his Quirk had the capacity to wipe out Todoroki's glaciers, he could easily remove the symbiote from Eddie Brock's body while outlasting any near-death experiences.

MHA Characters That Venom Of Marvel Could Or Couldn't Defeat

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