We can't help but fall in love with Gon and Killua, who've developed a wonderful, ever-changing bond. Since their first encounter in the Hunter x Hunter's first phase, they've been almost inseparable and have filled voids in each other's life that neither was aware of. There were a total of five occasions in which their friendship was affirmed!

1. On the Road to Zevil Island, the two share their target numbers

The fourth part of the Hunter Exam is a form of manhunt, with the goal of each candidate stealing their target's badges. Killua bravely approached Gon aboard the voyage to Zevil Island and inquired about Gon's target, knowing that this was the case. Despite the danger of one of them becoming the intended victim of the other, they continued to seek out each other's company.

They even agreed to share their actual target numbers after ensuring that they were not each other's targets in the hopes of aiding one another in identifying the candidates in the background. During this conversation, the friends demonstrated genuine gestures of trust and support.

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Times Gon & Killua's Friendship Was Affirmed

2. At Kukuroo Mountain, Gon and Killua are reunited

He returns to Kukuroo Mountain, which is regarded as one of the world's most dangerous places after Killua is expelled from the Hunter Exam for the murder of another candidate. Killua didn't tell Gon that he was leaving, probably because he couldn't face his pal to say goodbye because he was feeling down in the dumps. That was not going to be enough for Gon, however. The moment the Exam was over, Gon and his buddies went to rescue their comrade from the prohibited volcano.

Gon and Killua were reunited after a grueling journey through the Zoldyck family's domain.

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Times Gon & Killua's Friendship Was Affirmed

3. Gon asks Killua to stay with him while he and his father search for his father

Friends Gon and Jiro visit Gon's Whale Island home after finishing their tenure at the Heaven’s Arena. It's not long until Killua reveals to Gon that he envies him for having a goal, whilst he feels lost without the one his parents set out for him.

Gon joyfully wonders, "Do you have fun while we're together?" amid Killua's self-doubt. As an added bonus, he recommends that Killua accompany him on his quest to track down Ging. Gon's genuineness put Killua at rest, reassuring him that he and Killua would not be separating any time soon.

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Times Gon & Killua's Friendship Was Affirmed

4. When Illumi is gone, Killua says that Gon is his best friend

When their mentor, Bisky, informed Killua that he was going to leave Gon, it seemed as if the dynamic duo's bond was doomed.

A fight between Rammot and Killua proved this point. Although Killua had a strong desire to protect Gon, the voice in his head told him to flee Rammot because he was certain he couldn't defeat the warrior. Killua rips Illumi's needle out of his brain while yelling that Gon is his best buddy while he is on his last legs. In one rapid swoop, he rescues himself and Gon from Rammot, free from his brother's influence.

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Times Gon & Killua's Friendship Was Affirmed

5. Gon Apologizes For the Things He Said

With goodbyes spoken at the base of The World Tree before Gon goes on the climb to meet Ging, Killua and Alluka resolve to spend the rest of their lives traveling and protecting each other. After thanking Killua for everything they've accomplished together, the prankster reminds Gon of the terrible things he said while trying to defeat Pitou in order to make him feel bad.

It is clear that Gon is deeply sorry and that Killua accepts his sincere apology because he admits that he could only have saved Alluka due to the time they spent together. "Kite said that no matter where we go, we'll always be friends," Gon tells Killua before they separate ways.

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Times Gon & Killua's Friendship Was Affirmed

Above are 5 Times Gon & Killua's Friendship Was Affirmed that Littlewh has just compiled. Hope you enjoy reading!