One of My Hero Academia's strongest pupils, Shoto Todoroki, would never have achieved his full potential without Deku.

How Deku Got Todoroki to Finally Use His Full Power in My Hero Academia

U.A. Sports Festival is one of the series' outstanding examples of character development. Highlighting Izuku Midoriya's desire to be a hero and expanding on Shoto Todoroki's past, the first match of round two focuses on these two captivating characters. Midoriya, or Deku, does everything he can to make his classmate, Shoto, see the folly of his ways, even if it means losing the match in the process.

Shoto Todoroki, the son of Endeavor, the No. 2 Hero, has had a difficult existence. Because he knew he would never be able to beat All Might, Endeavor abused his own kid to make him a hero strong enough to supplant All Might as Number One. As a result of Endeavor's fiery Quirk, Shoto does not use his own fiery portion of his Quirk. As a final act of defiance, Todoroki aims to win the Sports Festival without ever using his flamboyant right arm.

How Deku Got Todoroki to Finally Use His Full Power in My Hero Academia

As soon as Deku and Shoto's bout gets underway, the One for All successor resents the fact that Todoroki, unlike everyone else, isn't doing his best. Despite Shoto's enormous ice strength, Deku points out that he has not actually harmed Midoriya, as Deku's wounds are his own doing. Also, Midoriya notes that Shoto's body has patches of ice on it after numerous attacks, and he is shaking. When Deku realizes that there is a limit to how much ice Shoto's body can tolerate, she points out that Shoto can easily overcome this obstacle by using his flames.

Deku warns Shoto that if he fights with only half his might, he would never attain his goals. Even though it's in Deku's best advantage to keep Todoroki battling with one arm tied behind his back, All Might and Endeavor, who are watching from the stands, know that Deku is trying to help Shoto. Shoto's body is too cold and stiff to move quickly, so Deku shows his point by hitting a solid strike despite being seriously wounded.

Deku demonstrates that he has a greater understanding of what it takes to be a hero by sacrificing his own life to save others. When it comes to his own rage and insecurity, Todoroki isn't willing to put in the effort required to win. Shooting himself in the foot, Deku reminds Shoto of the power that he holds, despite his father's best efforts to convince him otherwise. All Might and his own mother had already reminded Shoto that the Quirk isn't as important as the person wielding it and that he may be a hero while still being who he is.

How Deku Got Todoroki to Finally Use His Full Power in My Hero Academia

No matter how excited Endeavor is to see the results of their hard work, Shoto remains unfazed as he accepts Deku's words and begins using his flames for the first time. In the midst of a conflict he's actually attempting to win, Midoriya manages to impart a powerful lesson. While it's not an easy task, Deku has to walk a fine line between helping his opponent without becoming a hypocrite for doing so. When it comes to destroying his body in order to win, even All Might and Aizawa are amazed by Deku's resolve not only to win but to save his classmate.

Todoroki's family has, in many respects, taken on a central role in the narrative. Since Shoto has had to face more obstacles than anybody else in his class, he might just as easily be the protagonist of My Hero Academia as the rest of his classmates. It was distressing to realize that he had always been a powerhouse who had always coasted by on half his power in an unduly serious mindset. On MHA, Shoto's path has been even more compelling than Deku's and yet it never would have happened without Midoriya in the picture.