Happy birthday, Terence!!!

Happy birthday, Terence!!!

Great character in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. Terence is a well-mannered butler. However, his demeanor is really a mask for his warped and haughty nature.

A highly bright man, Terence excels at video games and frequently challenges others, particularly Noriaki Kakyoin, to a game.

The unique feature of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is the way confrontations are constructed. The application of the three factors above, plus the unique qualities of the character's look and posture, is always characterized by a harmonious alternation of the three aspects. factors above, plus the unique features of the character.

Both sides' intellect is often raised in confrontations if the characters consistently utilize tricks to win and know how to take advantage of their opponent's flaws as well as their own to "flip the bet." Nobody will be able to predict the outcome of the clash! The author does a great job of "emotional roller coaster" the reader. The collision bets have a good mix of strategy and personal power, so they aren't tedious.

Let's watch this series to know the events experienced with Terence!