It is a powerful but exceedingly rare state in One Piece, and LittleOwh has taken a look at the characters who possess this "potent" ability.

Consider Those Who Have Reawakened The Power of Devil Fruits

One of the most powerful states of Devil Fruit Awakening is that it develops its powers to new levels and even affects its surroundings. According to Oda, only eight characters have awoken the Devil Fruit thus far, with four members from the Zoan system and four members from the Paramecia system. Although there are many theories regarding Logia characters who have risen from the dead, no Logia characters have ever been formally proven to have risen from the grave Devil Fruit.

(Characters from the movie or a side tale will not be considered.)

First, let's discuss Doflamingo, who introduced the concept of a Devil Fruit awakening to the anime community. When Doflamingo uses his ability to transform stuff into silk, it has such a powerful effect on the surrounding environment that it alters everything in its path.

Katakuri, another powerful character with similar talent, may modify his surroundings after awakening, making him similar to Doflamingo.

Kid and Law are the two characters that have just woken up a short while ago. It's possible for him to give others magnetism and turn them into massive magnetic fields.

Law, on the other hand, has the ability to build a more powerful version of Room and use shockwaves to inflict damage on others.

Consider Those Who Have Reawakened The Power of Devil Fruits

All five of Impel Down's jail monsters, Minotaurus, Minorhinoceros, Minozebra, and Minokoala, have been verified to awaken. After awakening, however, the Zoan's capacity to increase the owner's defense, physical strength, and stamina is nothing extraordinary. Although Zoan-type Devil Fruit carriers already have incredibly powerful healing abilities, the capacity to heal has been substantially strengthened.

Can Luffy use the Rubber Fruit to awaken the Devil, or will he simply continue to strengthen Haki's ability? The author Oda is likely to respond to this question in the near future.

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