Another Valentine season is about to visit, the lovers have the opportunity to exchange meaningful and sweet gifts... So what should be given to the other half on this meaningful occasion? In the suggestions for meaningful gifts on Valentine's Day, the first suggestion must be mentioned the shoes. Let's refer to 14 pair of mixed shoes as Valentine's gifts that are the most popular today!

I. 14 pairs of mixed shoes that you and your other half should own this Valentine's Day

Mentioning Valentine's gifts, people will immediately think of couple's love - the gift of lovers. Gifts on this day carry many meanings, depending on different circumstances, the message conveyed is also different. Shoes are always great choices, especially if you and your partner are both Anime fans. Refer to Littleowh's 14 suggestions below to choose the mixed shoes you like best!

1. Tuxedo x Usagi Yeezy Shoes

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


If you are a fan of Sailor Moon, you will not be able to forget the image of the Masked Tuxedon guy who always wears a black outfit, wears white glasses, holds a staff and a flower full of pomp. Tuxedo and Usagi have created a wonderful couple with the right mix of talented boys and girls.

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2. Naruto x Hinata Slip-on Shoes

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Hinata is a shy, gentle, cute girl and Naruto is a naughty, carefree, stupid guy. From a young age, Hinata has always stood from afar silently watching, cheering and falling in love with Naruto even though the whole village shunned him. However, growing up a bit, Naruto said he liked Sakura.

Until adulthood, Hinata's feelings have not changed, the little girl is still willing to give up her life, trying to protect the one she loves. The first time was during the battle between Pain and Naruto, the second time was during the 4th great ninja war between the Ten-Tails and Naruto. After all, Naruto and Hinata finally have a happy ending with a wedding with two beautiful children.

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3. Sasuke x Sakura JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Sakura has had a crush on Sasuke since she was a child and that love has remained unchanged until adulthood. Even if Sasuke changed, he left the village to follow Orochimaru, and even wanted to destroy the entire Konoha homeland and become a wanted criminal who was turned away by the whole shinobi world, Sakura still couldn't let go of her feelings for the relationship. first love even when he almost killed her.

After many hardships, Sasuke finally reciprocated Sakura's feelings, the two had a smart daughter together named Sadara.

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4. Inuyasha x Kagome JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


A charming couple in the anime Inuyasha. Inuyasha is a half-demon and Kagome is a modern-day high school girl, they are linked through the Gem of Four Souls.

Kagome came to the Warring States period because of the unresolved relationship between Kikyo and Inuyasha, she took the form of an old love, Kikyo's afterlife, but she was not a replacement. Kagome has her own personality, thoughts, strong fighting to win the heart of the person she loves.

Inuyasha is a stubborn warrior, always risking his life to prove himself, recognized as a true youkai. He is always tormented in love with Kikyo of the past and Kagome of the present. In the end, Kagome was the winner, she got the love and happiness with Inuyasha.

On the path of self-affirmation, Inuyasha always has Kagome by her side, the two together overcome all difficulties and challenges to writing a happy ending.

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5. Tanjiro x Kanao JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


In Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), Tsuyuri Kanao is a talented Demon Hunter. She is the adopted sister of the Kochou Kanae and Kochou Shinobu sisters and is also the successor of the Shining Pillar Shinobu. Kanao has a petite appearance, a pretty face, big eyes, long black hair tied neatly to one side, and a cute butterfly bow.

Due to a traumatic past and not being allowed to do anything but what his master says, Kanao is always unable to make his own decisions and is rather quiet. It wasn't until she met Tanjirou that she changed and was able to do what she wanted. And it seems that since then, Tanjirou has occupied an important place in Kanao's heart. She boldly expressed her feelings and thoughts more than before.

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6. Zenitsu x Nezuko AF Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Before falling in love with Nezuko, Zenitsu had experienced 7 official love affairs with all kinds of girls. Unfortunately, the guy was only taken advantage of, digging mines, but he still hadn't opened his eyes. Despite constantly encountering bad luck on the road of love, Zenitsu still easily falls in love with women. Luckily, he now had Nezuko to pursue.

Zenitsu is very fond of Nezuko, even if she turns into a demon. Both have brought viewers a lot of cute and lovely moments. He always wanted to take care of and protect Nezuko and wanted to marry her. Unfortunately, that was just Zenitsu's one-sided love. Hoping with her sincerity, Nezuko would return Zenitsu's love.

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7. Giyuu x Shinobu JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


The Water Pillar Giyuu and the Pillar Shinobu are the duo that received a lot of attention and love from the Kimetsu no Yaiba fan community. If, Shinobu Pillar stands out with its beautiful appearance and graceful fighting style like a butterfly, and is classified as a beauty, then Tomioka Giyuu is a handsome, cool guy with a fighting style. strong in Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Giyuu always likes to be alone, aloof from everyone, and Shinobu likes to find things as gifts to tease him. Therefore, this talented couple has long received the attention and love of a large number of fans for their strong coffees with each other.

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8. Midoriya x Uraraka Slip-on Shoes

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Anyone who watches a new anime like My Hero Academia will often enjoy pairing their favorite characters. We often envision these characters holding hands and having a happy ending together. In the Shounen anime series, it will be judged according to the male lead and the female characters that fans see as the best. And you know, a lot of fans have paired Midoriya with Ochaco Uraraka!

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9. Ichigo x Rukia JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


In Bleach, the love between Ichigo and Rukia is very beautiful, it is both friendship and love, a vague love between a man and a woman, very difficult to explain. Ichigo is a teenager who can see spirits. Ichigo's sister is Hollow's target. To help him, Rukia decides to share her Shinigami powers with Ichigo. At that time, he was very grateful and considered her a very special friend.

Due to her reduced strength, Rukia was trapped in the human world and Ichigo took over the role of Shinigami in her place. The two people both support and understand each other even though they have not known each other for a long time.

There is a very special love between them. When fighting and protecting each other, these two strangers seem to sympathize and respect what each other tries to do, even sacrifice for each other.

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10. Jellal x Erza JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


This is a famous "friend" couple in Fairy Tail. Jellal and Erza are young children, always thinking and fighting for each other. Erza can tell exactly when Jellal is lying and understands how he feels. She is ready to forgive all of Jellal's sins with a generous heart and love for her childhood friend. As for Jellal, despite suffering or sacrificing his life, he still tries to protect Erza, fulfilling his promise to her.

A beautiful friendship, a noble love. Erza is very strong, tough but because of Jellal, she broke down in pain, trying to save the boy who was fighting crime to get his revenge. No matter how this story ends, Erza's love for Jellal will live on forever, it's a beautiful, precious, and worthy feeling.

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11. Eren x Mikasa JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Attack on Titan is an epic movie that has had a huge impact on the anime industry, as well as the entertainment world at large. It's only fitting that its main characters are equally iconic. Mikasa, a young girl who has a hard time expressing her feelings. Eren, a boy who can't seem to be silent! The distance between them is probably what makes these two such an adorable couple. Their relationship is more like a parent and a child than a girlfriend or boyfriend. However, throughout the film, the younger sibling can see the passionate feelings they both share for each other. What could be more romantic than a party? saved from being eaten by a Titan?

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12. Asuna x Kirito JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Sword Art Online’s Asuna is the heroine of Cerieѕ. Her in-game ID is the same as in the real world. Aѕuna is Kirito's girlfriend and is the deputy master skill of the Knight Order of the Blood Oath Guild, which is known as the strongest guild in Aincrad in SAO. Because she is one of the few female players in SAO, and has a natural baby, Auna is loved and pursued by many people, to the point that the guild has to appoint two other members to be her followers. She is also an extremely powerful swordswoman known for her lightning-fast attack speed.

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13. Luffy x Boa JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Luffy is a straw hat pirate famous for his rubbery stretch and Boa Hancock is a charming, beautiful and attractive woman, the only female member of the Shichibukai and the Serpent Queen of Amazon Lily.

In his journey to conquer the title of "Piracy King", Luffy meets Boa Hancock. The young man with chivalry, generosity and courage treated and respected Boa's person and past, considering her as a friend. The beautiful queen is different, she respects, admires and gives Luffy a sincere love even though he rejected his marriage proposal.

A girl who is always cold and emotionless, but when Luffy is around, she becomes lovable and full of emotions. Unfortunately, One Piece (Pirate Island) is an adventure work that promotes friendship, so Luffy always FA and Boa Hancock have to keep their love in their hearts forever, leaving regret in the hearts of fans about their failure. a beautiful couple.

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14. Naruto x Sasuke JD Sneakers

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Naruto and Sasuke have been through a lot together, and both of them have a special place in each other's hearts. They also stole each other's "first kiss" inadvertently. Both Naruto and Sasuke have been teased by fans ever since they stole each other's first kiss. These two men are frequently referred to as a "pair" by the public.

And then there's the unique situation in which the two boys kiss, which became a memorable and amusing event at the start of the Naruto series. A great deal of exquisite fan art has sprung up in honor of Naruto and Sasuke's particular friendship.

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II. Why should you give mixed shoes to your other half on Valentine's Day?

14 Mixed Shoes that Couples Should Own on Valentine's Day 2022


Shoes are an essential accessory for anyone, a pair of high-end shoes is not expensive, suitable for the price of many people, in addition, gifting shoes on Valentine's Day also has many different meanings. What could be happier than having our gift to cherish the feet of the one we love every day?

Moreover, the gift also shows your thoughtfulness for the one you love. How happy will it be if you give your loved one a pair of designer shoes that are new and well-fit for your feet, surely he/she will be conquered by the thoughtfulness and attention to the smallest details. . Giving shoes is not a parting feeling, but it shows the support and support of the person you love every step of the way, moreover, shoes are a daily accessory, from which your image is always loved by your lover. memorize.

A good pair of mixed shoes will act as a companion to your loved one on every road, which is an expression of love, saying the message 'I LOVE YOU'.

III. Conclusion

This Valentine's Day, we've rounded together the best 14 pairs of mixed shoes. Littleowh sincerely hopes that you and your partner will discover a shoe model that is ideal for the two of you. Get in touch with us for the best advise if you're interested in any of the 14 pairs of mixed shoes shown above!

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