Sailor Moon is an iconic series from the '90s that is still beloved by fans. Sailor Moon shoes reimagine Stan Smith sneakers.

Can you imagine if your favorite pair of Stan Smith had the face of Sailor Moon on them? Well, that dream can become a reality by wearing these custom Skate Sneaker like Stan Smiths with Sailor Moon’s face as a print.

Skate Sneaker has paired up with Sailor Moon to make these cool sneakers for those who have always been fans of the iconic anime. Inspired by the popular anime for sneakerheads in search of a statement-making footwear piece.

Here are 10 pairs of Sailor Guardians Skate sneakers like the Stan Smiths from Littleowh that you can buy right now

Blog posts 10 Pairs of Sailor Guardians Skate Sneaker like Stan Smiths You Can Buy Right Now

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