Everything you might have missed in Attack on Titan's third season, from post-credit teasers to minute details.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

Despite the bleak ending, the third season of Attack on Titan ended on an upbeat note. This is the best time to get up to speed because spoilers are everywhere and people can only hold back for so long. Since this "season" was only the second part of Season 3, things started right away. With such a fast tempo, there were numerous hints and Easter eggs to be found in each and every frame. Even more so given that current events have provided a fresh context for all previous events. We may walk through the process step by step and point out any important elements that might have slipped your mind.

1. The New Opening Is Filled With Spoilers

First and foremost, savvy viewers should avoid the show's new opening sequence. Don't watch the video; just listen to it with your eyes closed and enjoy the amazing music. It's a shame because the animation is gorgeous, but this is the worst AoT team has ever been with spoilers in an OP. It's your final chance to avoid spoilers, so don't look! It's all there: Erwin's death, Armin's charred body, his new form, Reiner's defeat, Marley's existence! In this intro, every key occurrence is either flashed or clearly depicted. Even still, looking back, it's fascinating to see what we missed the first time around.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

2. Eren Is Dying with Frustration

Eren is utterly devoid of self-confidence by the end of Season 3. As a result of Eren's anguish, the Founding Titan and possibly even a particular power of the Attack Titan are lost in the sea of memories. This is best demonstrated by the fact that when he wakes up in a cell, he wonders, "Who am I?". However, his father isn't the only one affected by this. Because all pathways converge at Eren (the Coordinate), he has access to the memories of anyone. With all due respect to Paradis Island, this is a significant advantage for its inhabitants, but it just serves to further isolate Eren.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

3. This Is How We Pass On Our Memories

When it comes to memories, are Titan Shifters' memories intertwined? When Marcel was eaten, did Ymir acquire access to Marcel's memories? Either way, Eren has Grisha-like abilities thanks to the Founding Titan. At least in the anime, the whole explanation is unknown, but let's assume for the time being that it is real. In other words, Armin now possesses the recollections of a person who once resided in the enemy land. That's a terrible thought for someone who relies so much on tiny bits of information. Armin's encounter with the Colossal Titan in his dream hints at it, although it's still unverified.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

4. It is possible to make use of the Founder Titan

Towards the end of Season 3, there's a cute scenario during the briefing. Grisha's memories help Eren put two and two together about how the Coordinate has previously been used by Eren, but they don't know why. Because he is afraid that Historia may offer to be eaten by him, he does not say anything. However, think a little harder! Actually, there are a couple of ways for Paradis to make full use of the Founding Titan's might. Capture Zeke, who is also descended from royalty. At the very least, give Historia one of the other shifters.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

5. Eldians do not drink coffee

For us, Season 3 was full of wonderful little moments like Scouts not knowing what a photograph was or not being able to comprehend oceans, as well as the animation and facial expressions. However, our favorite part of Paradise is that they don't provide the coffee! That they had a cup of coffee before the fight of Shiganshina is not explicitly stated by Zeke in this passage, but the context suggests otherwise. However, the true puzzle is how the Eldians function without coffee.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

6. Marlo Discovered the Truth of His Thoughts

Since Marlo's death, it has remained one of the most wrenching in recent memory. The combination of Marlo's realization of his affections for Hitch and the genuine dread on everyone's faces as they rush into certain death is simply too much.

It's a fleeting moment, but Marlo's final thought before the rock takes his head away is to wonder what Hitch is up to. Like a freeze-frame of Hitch in bed flashes on-screen, we see a glimmer of recognition on his face, and suddenly he's gone. One of the most poignant additions to an already harrowing scene.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

7. New season four trailer is shown after the credits

For a few of these episodes, you'll want to wait until the end credits to watch. Anime has long been a fan of tucking in extra scenes at the end of the credits. For the first time, it's a teaser for Season 4, which will take place in 2020.

We see future events being frozen in time in the "trailer" sequence. Because of this, we know exactly what traumatic experience they're referring to. However, these hints could point in any direction for children who are only familiar with anime, and they all seem to point back to Eren.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

8. Evolving technology has outclassed the Titans

Only a few flashbacks hint at the modernization of the planet AoT takes place in, but we'll be able to recognize it in the near future. Equipment such as tanks and zeppelins will eventually outrank Titans as the preferred mode of transportation. As it turns out, this is why the Marleyans dispatched the Shifters in the first place. Marley can mine all the resources Paradis Island has to offer if the Eldians are eliminated. With this information, I'm curious to see what Scouts might do with it.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

9. Illustrations From History May Offer Insights

The murals/illustrations Grisha's father showed him may be more cryptic than we initially assumed. First and foremost, both the Marley and the Eldians are engaged in a propaganda war. Ymir and her Titans are shown as evil animals in Marley, whereas they are depicted as graceful giants in Eldian.

They appear to be dressed in Romanesque attire, yet they are still Titans, and they form part of the wall depicted in the pictures The depiction of the Titan clutching the hammer, on the other hand, seems to point to the final, as yet unidentified Titan.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

10. Titans That Look Familiar

Dina's Pure Titan form isn't the only Titan we encounter in the terrible flashback in which she transforms. No doubt we learn that Dina is, in fact, the Titan that devoured Eren's mother. Most of Grisha's "Patriot" buddies have been transformed into Titans that we've previously seen. When Armin and Eren were devoured by the old man, he was followed by a short, angry-looking one. The rest are regulars who appeared here and there. An interesting detail that makes the show worth a second viewing.

10 Details People Missed In Attack On Titan Season 3

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